Bin Xu

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—In an academic conference, it is difficult to find people that share similar research interests with you, and it is also a chore to add them into your personal online social network for later communication. Aiming at helping the conference attendees better organize their schedule and expand their social network, we designed and developed Find & Connect(More)
Participating in social events or activities in the physical world is an important way for us to make new friends and build social networks. We aim to explore the role of event size and interactivity in affecting social networking behaviors. In this paper, we obtained data from an event-based social network site and conducted a quantitative analysis that(More)
This work investigates how to bridge the gap between offline and online behaviors at a conference and how the physical resources in the conference (the physical objects used in the conference for gathering attendees together in engaging an activity such as rooms, sessions, and papers) can be used to help facilitate social networking. We build Find and(More)
Past research has studied offline proximity such as co-location and online social connections such as friendship individually. People form social relationships based on certain characteristics they possess, called social selection. When people change their social behavior due to interaction with others, social influence is at work. However, few researchers(More)
We propose to improve real-time communication between people who do not share a common language by foregrounding potential problems in machine translation. We developed a prototype chat tool that displays two parallel translations of each chat turn, with the thought that comparing the translations might both highlight problems and provide resources for(More)
Traditional communication tools tend to make their presence known, e.g., "when my collaborators and I are using IM to discuss our work, how could we not realize the actual presence of IM?" In the case of machine translation (MT) mediated collaborations, however, the absence or presence of MT is not obvious. English sentences with poor grammar can result(More)