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Although platelets appear by embryonic day 10.5 in the developing mouse, an embryonic role for these cells has not been identified. The SYK-SLP-76 signaling pathway is required in blood cells to regulate embryonic blood-lymphatic vascular separation, but the cell type and molecular mechanism underlying this regulatory pathway are not known. In the present(More)
Internet is overwhelming, personalized content recommendation system offers spam filtering service and suggests useful information to the end users. It is a hotspot in the research area of content management on WWW. Traditional recommendation systems do the data mining on web access logs, discover user's access patterns, and filter the information on behalf(More)
Unlike most social media, where automatic archiving of data is the default, Snapchat defaults to ephemerality: deleting content shortly after it is viewed by a receiver. Interviews with 25 Snapchat users show that ephemerality plays a key role in shaping their practices. Along with friend-adding features that facilitate a network of mostly close relations,(More)
Location-based mobile applications such as Foursquare and Jiepang help bridge the gap between offline and online. People that we encounter and connect with around physical resources such as conferences, provide opportunities for extending our social networks from offline to online. We give a preliminary study on the relationship between the online and(More)
In an academic conference, it is difficult to find people that share similar research interests with you, and it is also a chore to add them into your personal online social network for later communication. Aiming at helping the conference attendees better organize their schedule and expand their social network, we designed and developed Find &(More)
During mammalian vascular development, endothelial cells form a complex array of vessels that differ markedly in structure and function, but the molecular basis for this vascular complexity is poorly understood. Recent insights into endothelial diversity have come from the identification of molecular markers expressed on distinct endothelial cell(More)
This work investigates how to bridge the gap between offline and online behaviors at a conference and how the physical resources in the conference (the physical objects used in the conference for gathering attendees together in engaging an activity such as rooms, sessions, and papers) can be used to help facilitate social networking. We build Find and(More)
While motivational affordances are widely used to enhance user engagement in "gamified" apps, they are often employed en masse. Prior research offers little guidance about how individuals with different dispositions may react-positively and negatively-to specific affordances. In this paper, we present a survey study investigating the relationships among(More)
In this paper, thermal mixing characteristics of two miscible fluids in a T-shaped microchannel are investigated theoretically, experimentally, and numerically. Thermal mixing processes in a T-shaped microchannel are divided into two zones, consisting of a T-junction and a mixing channel. An analytical two-dimensional model was first built to describe the(More)
Past research has studied offline proximity such as co-location and online social connections such as friendship individually. People form social relationships based on certain characteristics they possess, called social selection. When people change their social behavior due to interaction with others, social influence is at work. However, few researchers(More)