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Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) is well known as a powerful tool for discriminant analysis. In the case of a small training data set, however, it cannot directly be applied to high-dimensional data. This case is the so-called small-sample-size or undersampled problem. In this paper, we propose an exponential discriminant analysis (EDA) technique to(More)
Wireless channels usually face bursty errors, i.e., errors are prone to occur in clusters. These bit errors can be mod-eled using the Gilbert-Elliott model. When data packets are transferred over channels with bursty errors, packet error statistics are more important than bit error statistics to analyze the communication performance. This has been modeled(More)
We present a stochastic model of active vesicular transport and its role in cell polarization , which takes into account positive feedback between membrane-bound signaling molecules and cytoskeletal filaments. In particular, we consider the cytoplasmic transport of vesicles on a two-dimensional cytoskeletal network, in which a vesicle containing signaling(More)
This paper presents a telepresence interaction framework and system based on touch screen and telepresence robot technologies. The system is composed of a telepresence robot and tele-interactive devices in a remote environment (presence space), the touching live video image user interface (TIUI) used by an operator (user) in an operation space, and wireless(More)