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Execution indexing uniquely identifies a point in an execution. Desirable execution indices reveal correlations between points in an execution and establish correspondence between points across multiple executions. Therefore, execution indexing is essential for a wide variety of dynamic program analyses, for example, it can be used to organize program(More)
Differential evolution (DE) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) are two formidable population-based optimizers (POs) that follow different philosophies and paradigms, which are successfully and widely applied in scientific and engineering research. The hybridization between DE and PSO represents a promising way to create more powerful optimizers,(More)
The dynamic weapon-target assignment (DWTA) problem is a typical constrained combinatorial optimization problem with the objective of maximizing the total value of surviving assets threatened by hostile targets through all defense stages. A generic asset-based DWTA model is established, especially for the warfare scenario of force coordination, to formulate(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient rule-based heuristic to solve asset-based dynamic weapon-target assignment (DWTA) problems. The main idea of the proposed heuristic is to utilize the domain knowledge of DWTA problems to directly achieve weapon assignment, without large number of function evaluations. We update the saturation states of constraints in(More)
Global optimization process can often be divided into two subprocesses: exploration and exploitation. The tradeoff between exploration and exploitation (T:Er&Ei) is crucial in search and optimization, having a great effect on global optimization performance, e.g., accuracy and convergence speed of optimization algorithms. In this paper, definitions of(More)
Feature-wise decomposition is an important approach to building configurable software systems. Although there has been research on the usefulness of particular tools for feature-wise decomposition, there are not many informative comparisons on the relative effectiveness of different tools. In this paper, we compare AspectJ and Jiazzi, which are two(More)
This paper presents extensive experiments on a hybrid optimization algorithm (DEPSO) we recently developed by combining the advantages of two powerful population-based metaheuristics—differential evolution (DE) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). The hybrid optimizer achieves on-the-fly adaptation of evolution methods for individuals in a statistical(More)
The dynamic weapon-target assignment (DWTA) problem is an important issue in the field of military command and control. An asset-based DWTA optimization model was proposed with four kinds of constraints considered, including capability constraints, strategy constraints, resource constraints and engagement feasibility constraints. A general “virtual”(More)