Bin Xie

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We have developed a framework for using software agent technology for linking distributed simulations and other data resources. The Agent-Based Environment for Linking Simulations (ABELS) framework uses software agents to coordinate distributed simulations, communicate data efficiently between simulations, and retrieve data from other sources such as(More)
Sentiment classification has adopted machine learning techniques to improve its precision and efficiency. However, the features are always produced by basic words-bag methods without much consideration for words' syntactic properties, which could play an important role in the judgment of sentiment meanings. To remedy this, we firstly generate syntax trees(More)
The Agent-Based Environment for Linking Simulations (ABELS) provides a framework to facilitate the dynamic exchange of data between distributed simulations and other remote data resources. Specifically, the framework allows the formation of a dynamic "data and simulation cloud" that links a heterogeneous collection of networked resources. ABELS consists of(More)
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