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In response to the increasing influence of practice theory perspectives for studying organisational and inter-organisational information systems, we demonstrate that an important dilemma from this perspective for data collection methods is between authentic access to practices and the ability to thematise knowledge of practices. We propose a promising new(More)
While big data is becoming ubiquitous, interest in handling data stream at scale is also gaining popularity, which leads to the sprout of many distributed stream computing systems. However, complexity of stream computing and diversity of workloads expose great challenges to benchmark these systems. Due to lack of standard criteria, evaluations and(More)
—The rapid deployment of cloud computing provides users with the ability to outsource their data to public cloud for economic savings and flexibility. To protect data privacy, users have to encrypt the data before outsourcing to the cloud, which makes the data utilization, such as data retrieval, a challenging task. It is thus desirable to enable the search(More)