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—In this paper, we propose an improved image dehazing algorithm using dark channel prior and Multi-Scale Retinex. Main improvement lies in automatic and fast acquisition of transmission map of the scene. We implement the Multi-scale Retinex algorithm on the luminance component in YCbCr space, obtain a pseudo transmission map whose function is similar to the(More)
There has been an urgent need for an effective and efficient upper limb rehabilitation method for poststroke patients. We present a Micro-Sensor-based Upper Limb rehabilitation System for poststroke patients. The wearable motion capture units are attached to upper limb segments embedded in the fabric of garments. The body segment orientation relative to the(More)
—In this paper, we propose a simple but effective method for visibility restoration from a single image. The main advantage of the proposed algorithm is no user interaction is needed, this allows our algorithm to be applied for practical applications, such as surveillance, intelligent vehicle, etc. Another advantage compared with others is its speed, since(More)
With the development of the semiconductor technology, more processors can be integrated onto a single chip. Network-on-Chip is an efficient communication solution for many-core system. However, enhancing performance with lower energy consumption is still a challenge. One critical issue is mapping applications to NoC. This work proposed an online mapping(More)
BACKGROUND Nowadays, stroke is a leading cause of disability in adults. Assessment of motor performance has played an important role in rehabilitation for post stroke patients. Therefore, it is quite important to develop an automatic assessment system of motor function. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of the single task(More)