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H-NS and Lsr2 are nucleoid-associated proteins from Gram-negative bacteria and Mycobacteria, respectively, that play an important role in the silencing of horizontally acquired foreign DNA that is more AT-rich than the resident genome. Despite the fact that Lsr2 and H-NS proteins are dissimilar in sequence and structure, they serve apparently similar(More)
The twin-arginine transport (Tat) system translocates folded proteins across the bacterial cytoplasmic or chloroplast thylakoid membrane of plants. The Tat system in most Gram-positive bacteria consists of two essential components, the TatA and TatC proteins. TatA is considered to be a bifunctional subunit, which can form a protein-conducting channel by(More)
Spectral processing and post-experimental data analysis are the major tasks in NMR-based metabonomics studies. While there are commercial and free licensed software tools available to assist these tasks, researchers usually have to use multiple software packages for their studies because software packages generally focus on specific tasks. It would be(More)
Bacterial nucleoid-associated proteins play important roles in chromosome organization and global gene regulation. We find that Lsr2 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a unique nucleoid-associated protein that binds AT-rich regions of the genome, including genomic islands acquired by horizontal gene transfer and regions encoding major virulence factors, such(More)
This paper studies the effect of channel estimation error and antenna diversity on multilevel quadrature amplitude modulation (M-QAM) systems over Rayleigh fading channels. Based on the characteristic function method, a general closed-form bit-error rate (BER) for M-QAM systems is presented. The effect of the inaccurate channel estimation on the performance(More)
In this paper, a new balanced-to-balanced power divider/combiner is proposed. By using matrix transformation, two three-port networks for the odd- and even-mode circuit models are deduced, based on the constraint rules of the mixed-mode <i>S</i> -parameters. In order to satisfy the two required scattering matrices simultaneously, the resistances of lumped(More)
Glutaredoxins are glutathione-dependent enzymes that function to reduce disulfide bonds in vivo. Interestingly, a recent discovery indicates that some glutaredoxins can also exist in another form, an iron-sulfur protein [Lillig, C. H., et al. (2005) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 102, 8168-8173]. This provides a direct connection between glutaredoxins and(More)
The AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), an abc heterotrimeric enzyme, has a central role in regulating cellular metabolism and energy homeostasis. The a-subunit of AMPK possesses the catalytic kinase domain, followed by a regulatory region comprising the autoinhibitory domain (AID) and a-linker. Structural and biochemical studies suggested thatAID is(More)
Various wireless networks have made the ambient radio frequency signals around the world. Wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) enables the devices to recycle energy from these ambient radio frequency signals and process information simultaneously. In this paper, we develop a WIPT protocol in two-way amplify-and-forward relaying channels, where two(More)