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—The various wireless networks have made the ambient radio frequency signals around the world. Wireless information and power transfer enables the devices to recycle energy from these ambient radio frequency signals and process information simultaneously. In this paper, we develop a wireless information and power transfer protocol in two-way(More)
Antifreeze protein (AFP) has a unique function of reducing solution freezing temperature to protect organisms from ice damage. However, its functional mechanism is not well understood. An intriguing question concerning AFP function is how the high selectivity for ice ligand is achieved in the presence of free water of much higher concentration which likely(More)
— This paper proposes a novel face representation approach, local Gabor binary mapping pattern (LGBMP), for multi-view gender classification. In this approach, a face image is first represented as a series of Gabor magnitude pictures (GMP) by applying multi-scale and multi-orientation Gabor filters. Each GMP is then encoded as a LGBP image where a uniform(More)
Caching the popular multimedia content is a promising way to unleash the ultimate potential of wireless networks. In this paper, we contribute to proposing and analyzing the cache-based content delivery in a three-tier heterogeneous network (HetNet), where base stations (BSs), relays and device-to-device (D2D) pairs are included. We advocate to proactively(More)
BACKGROUND Spectral processing and post-experimental data analysis are the major tasks in NMR-based metabonomics studies. While there are commercial and free licensed software tools available to assist these tasks, researchers usually have to use multiple software packages for their studies because software packages generally focus on specific tasks. It(More)
—For along-track multichannel synthetic aperture radar, this paper proposes a novel ground moving target signal model in the high-resolution complex image domain. Based on the range–Doppler imaging of static scene, the 2-D complex response of an isolated rectilinearly moving target is derived via the stationary phase principle (SPP) approximations. It is(More)
Holo glutaredoxin (Grx) is a homo-dimer that bridges a [2Fe-2S] cluster with two glutathione (GSH) ligands. In this study, both monothiol and dithiol holo Grxs are found capable of transferring their iron-sulfur (FeS) cluster to an apo ferredoxin (Fdx) through direct interaction, regardless of FeS cluster stability in holo Grxs. The ligand GSH molecules in(More)