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At present, the control of a dynamic system is generally done by means of feedback. This paper proposes a new method that use online SVR to achieve feedforward control for both linear and nonlinear plants. Online SVR is a new method when a new sample is added to (or removed from) the training set, it didn't need retraining from scratch for each new data(More)
This study investigated the effects of maize (Zea mays L.) straw biochar on phosphorus (P) availability in two soils with different P sorption capacities (iron and aluminum dominated slight acid Red earth and calcium dominated alkaline Fluvo-aquic soil). A 42-day incubation experiment was conducted to study how applications of biochar at different rates (0,(More)
With the acceleration of China's urbanization, more and more unexpected disasters in big cities make a severe challenge to city emergency traffic management. Under this background, we present a heuristic implementation of urban emergency traffic evacuation in this paper. Firstly, we refer to a popular evacuation demand generation model to generate the(More)
With the widely use of smart phones, Android devices have become an important data source in forensic investigation, and many tools which collecting data from Android devices have also been introduced. However, most current studies consider only flashing the NAND card, nearly paying attention to eMMC card. Therefore, based on Android Recovery Mode, our(More)
We report first principle numerical study of domain wall (DW) depinning in two-dimensional magnetic film, which is modeled by 2D random-field Ising system with the dipole-dipole interaction. We observe nonconventional activation-type motion of DW and reveal the fractal structure of DW near the depinning transition. We determine scaling functions describing(More)
  • Xuan Wu, Bin Xi
  • 2015
A time series is usually decomposed as trend and irregular parts. Generally the trend part is treated by regression or filtering methods. There are some shortcomings associated with these methods, either the form of trend is too simple to represent some complex trend patterns, or no concrete trend formula is available. Considering the trend part as the(More)
Telemedicine has launched among many countries around the world. This paper presents a framework of telemedicine diagnosis decision. Here our frame is based on Multi-Agent system and Bayesian network. The system is composed of several groups of agents providing a flexible, applicable analysis and diagnosis environment. Diagnosis decision-making is built on(More)