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The concept of <i>p</i>-cycle (preconfigured protection cycle) allows fast and efficient span protection in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) mesh networks. To design <i>p</i>-cycles for a given network, conventional algorithms need to enumerate cycles in the network to form a candidate set, and then use an integer linear program (ILP) to find a set of(More)
MDA5, a viral double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) receptor, shares sequence similarity and signaling pathways with RIG-I yet plays essential functions in antiviral immunity through distinct specificity for viral RNA. Revealing the molecular basis for the functional divergence, we report here the crystal structure of MDA5 bound to dsRNA, which shows how, using the(More)
Chromatin organization and composition impart sophisticated regulatory features critical to eukaryotic genomic function. Although DNA sequence-dependent histone octamer binding is important for nucleosome activity, many aspects of this phenomenon have remained elusive. We studied nucleosome structure and stability with diverse DNA sequences, including Widom(More)
Understanding the individual behavior has shown to be of paramount importance to the triumph of the telecommunication operators to retain customers, enhance their purchasing capacity, and predict the churn rate. Different behavior patterns can be observed for different groups of users. Hence, there is an interesting problem posted in telecommunication(More)
The jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.), a member of family Rhamnaceae, is a major dry fruit and a traditional herbal medicine for more than one billion people. Here we present a high-quality sequence for the complex jujube genome, the first genome sequence of Rhamnaceae, using an integrated strategy. The final assembly spans 437.65 Mb (98.6% of the estimated)(More)
—Achieving fast and precise failure localization has long been a highly desired feature in all-optical mesh networks. M-trail (monitoring trail) has been proposed as the most general monitoring structure for achieving unambiguous failure localiza-tion (UFL) of any single link failure while effectively reducing the amount of alarm signals flooded in the(More)
Conventional research on similarity search focuses on measuring the similarity between objects with the same type. However, in many real-world applications, we need to measure the relatedness between objects with different types. For example, in automatic expert profiling, people are interested in finding the most relevant objects to an expert, where the(More)
—It has been widely recognized that the dynamic-range information of an application can be exploited to reduce the datapath bitwidth of either processors or application-specific integrated circuits and, therefore, the overall circuit area, delay, and power consumption. While recent proposals of analytical dynamic-range-estimation methods have shown(More)