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—Multilevel converters have been under research and development for more than three decades and have found successful industrial application. However, this is still a technology under development, and many new contributions and new commercial topologies have been reported in the last few years. The aim of this paper is to group and review these recent(More)
—This paper presents a technology review of voltage-source-converter topologies for industrial medium-voltage drives. In this highly active area, different converter topologies and circuits have found their application in the market. This paper covers the high-power voltage-source inverter and the most used multilevel-inverter topologies, including the(More)
The physical manifestation of learning and memory formation in the brain can be expressed by strengthening or weakening of synaptic connections through morphological changes. Local actin remodeling underlies some forms of plasticity and may be facilitated by local β-actin synthesis, but dynamic information is lacking. In this work, we use single-molecule in(More)
Recent years have seen that WWW is becoming a flourishing social media which enables individuals to easily share opinions, experiences and expertise at the push of a single button. With the pervasive usage of instant messaging systems and the fundamental shift in the ease of publishing content, social network researchers and graph theory researchers are now(More)
The jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.), a member of family Rhamnaceae, is a major dry fruit and a traditional herbal medicine for more than one billion people. Here we present a high-quality sequence for the complex jujube genome, the first genome sequence of Rhamnaceae, using an integrated strategy. The final assembly spans 437.65 Mb (98.6% of the estimated)(More)
Intestinal epithelial cell (IEC) apoptosis contributes to the development of ulcerative colitis (UC), an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that affects the colon and rectum. Therapies that target the inflammatory cytokine TNF have been found to inhibit IEC apoptosis in patients with IBD, although the mechanism of IEC apoptosis remains unclear. We therefore(More)
Cellular messenger RNA levels are achieved by the combinatorial complexity of factors controlling transcription, yet the small number of molecules involved in these pathways fluctuates stochastically. It has not yet been experimentally possible to observe the activity of single polymerases on an endogenous gene to elucidate how these events occur in vivo.(More)
—Achieving fast and precise failure localization has long been a highly desired feature in all-optical mesh networks. M-trail (monitoring trail) has been proposed as the most general monitoring structure for achieving unambiguous failure localiza-tion (UFL) of any single link failure while effectively reducing the amount of alarm signals flooded in the(More)
AIM   Laparoscopic hepatectomy has become a common method for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) nowadays, but the oncologic risks of laparoscopic liver resection for HCC are still under investigation. We performed a meta-analysis to quantitatively compare surgical and oncologic outcomes of patients with HCC undergoing laparoscopic versus open(More)
The bivalent genetic engineering vaccine of Japanese encephalitis (JE) and Aujeszkj disease (AD) was developed to provide a novel approach to prevent and control these two diseases. NS1 gene of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) SA14-14-2 strain was produced by reverse transcriptase-mediated PCR (RT-PCR) and was cloned into vector pUSK to form recombinant(More)