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We consider a particular form of the classical approximate joint diagonalization (AJD) problem, which we call a “sequentially drilled” joint congruence (SeDJoCo) transformation. The problem consists of a set of symmetric real-valued (or Hermitian-symmetric complex-valued) target-matrices. The number of matrices in the set equals their(More)
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide and the fourth most lethal cancer in China. However, although genomic studies have identified some mutations associated with ESCC, we know little of the mutational processes responsible. To identify genome-wide mutational signatures, we performed either whole-genome(More)
The antibody gene mutator activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) promiscuously damages oncogenes, leading to chromosomal translocations and tumorigenesis. Why nonimmunoglobulin loci are susceptible to AID activity is unknown. Here, we study AID-mediated lesions in the context of nuclear architecture and the B cell regulome. We show that AID targets are(More)
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) plays a critical role in neuronal apoptosis. The two mammalian isoforms of the kinase, GSK-3α and GSK-3β, are inhibited by phosphorylation at Ser-21 and Ser-9, respectively. Depolarization, which is vital for neuronal survival, causes both an increase in Ser-21/9 phosphorylation and an inhibition of GSK-3α/β. However, the(More)
The proapoptotic BH3-only protein Bim is a crucial regulator of neuronal apoptosis. Previous studies have indicated the involvement of the c-Jun, FOXO1/3a, and B/C-Myb transcription factors in the regulation of Bim during neuronal apoptosis. However, the mechanism underlying the transcriptional regulation of Bim in activity deprivation-induced neuronal(More)
Delta-like ligand 4 (DLL4)-Notch signaling plays a key role in tumor angiogenesis, but its prognostic value in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) remains unclear. Our aim was to determine whether high DLL4 expression is correlated with poor prognosis after curative resection for PDAC. Surgical specimens obtained from 89 patients with PDAC(More)
Amanita exitialis is a lethal mushroom that was first discovered in Guangdong Province, China. The high content of amanitin in its basidiocarps makes it lethal to humans. To comprehensively characterize the A. exitialis transcriptome and analyze the Amanita toxins as well as their related gene family, transcriptome sequencing of A. exitialis was performed(More)
An adaptively parallel job is one in which the number of processors which can be used without waste changes during execution. When allocating processors to multiple adap-tively parallel jobs, a job scheduler should attempt to be fair|meaning that no job gets fewer processors than another, unless it demands fewer|and eecient|meaning that the scheduler does(More)
To investigate the feasibility of 70 kV cerebral CT perfusion by comparing image quality and radiation exposure to 80 kV. Thirty patients with suspected cerebral ischemia who underwent dual-source CT perfusion were divided into group A (80 kV, 150 mAs) and group B (70 kV, 150 mAs). Quantitative comparisons were used for maximum enhancement, signal-to-noise(More)
BACKGROUND Oriental people usually have a wide midface and a prominent zygoma. Reduction malarplasty is one of the most frequently requested procedures for improvement of the facial contour in the Orient. Some methods involve coronal or preauricular incision for osteotomy, but this increases the likelihood of skin scars and injury to facial nerves, and(More)