Bin-Shiang Liang

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The main contribution of this article is the proposal of a path-following method for fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles. This path-following method employs the multi-loop framework that consists of an outer guidance loop and an inner control loop. The guidance loop relies on the idea of tracking a virtual target. The virtual target is assumed to travel(More)
Received Signal Strength based (RSS) horizontal handoff algorithms have been most commonly used by nearly all second generation and third generation wireless networks in a homogeneous environment. Vertical handoffs or network selection algorithms are the terms coined due to integration and interoperability of existing wired and wireless access networks(More)
A CPM/PERT can be either an AOV or an equivalent AOA (Activity On Arc) network. Here, AOV is adapted for comparison with SPREM. 2 Here, deterministic means that when a process on vertex V is complete, then all of V’s successors will enact the process individually. Uncertainty and dynamic changes in a software project cause iterations during development and(More)
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