Bin Ren

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Fine-grained data parallelism is increasingly common in mainstream processors in the form of longer vectors and on-chip GPUs. This paper develops support for exploiting such data parallelism for a class of non-numeric, non-graphic applications, which perform computations while traversing many independent, irregular data structures. While the traversal of(More)
Content protection mechanisms are intended to enforce the usage rights on the content. These usage rights are carried by a license. Sometimes, a license even carries the key that is used to unlock the protected content. Unfortunately, license protection is difficult, yet it is important for digital rights management (DRM). Not many license protection(More)
The pursuit of computational efficiency has led to the proliferation of throughput-oriented hardware, from GPUs to increasingly wide vector units on commodity processors and accelerators. This hardware is designed to efficiently execute data-parallel computations in a vectorized manner. However, many algorithms are more naturally expressed as(More)
The Intel Xeon Phi offers a promising solution to coprocessing, since it is based on the popular x86 instruction set. However, to fully utilize its potential, applications must be vectorized to leverage the wide SIMD lanes, in addition to effective large-scale shared memory parallelism. Compared to the SIMT execution model on GPGPUs with CUDA or OpenCL,(More)
—Programmer productivity considerations are increasing the popularity of interpreted languages like Python. At the same time, for applications where performance is important, these languages clearly lack even on uniprocessors. In addition, the use of dynamic data structures in a language like Python makes it very hard to use emerging libraries for enabling(More)
Cloud computing and the Internet of Things are the two hot points in the Internet application field. The application of the two new technologies is in hot discussion and research, but quite less on the field of medical monitoring and managing application. Thus, in this paper, we study and analyze the application of cloud computing and the Internet of Things(More)
—In the last few years, the growing significance of data-intensive computing has been closely tied to the emergence and popularity of new programming paradigms for this class of applications, including Map-Reduce, and new high-level languages for data-intensive computing. The ultimate goal of these efforts in data-intensive computing has been to achieve(More)
—Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) is an implementation of delay/disruption tolerant networking (DTN) developed as infrastructure for space communications in interplanetary flight mission systems. To date, no work has been done in evaluating the effectiveness of ION when it is applied to an interplanetary Internet involving very long link delay and(More)