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The traffic forecasting model, when considered as a system with inputs of historical and current data and outputs of future data, behaves in a nonlinear fashion and varies with time of day. Traffic data are found to change abruptly during the transition times of entering or leaving rush hours. Accurate and real-time models are needed to approximate the(More)
The tensor completion problem is to recover a low-n-rank tensor from a subset of its entries. The main solution strategy has been based on the extensions of trace norm for the minimization of tensor rank via convex optimization. This strategy bears the computational cost required by the singular value decomposition (SVD) which becomes increasingly expensive(More)
A new idea of an abandoned object detection system for road traffic surveillance systems based on three-dimensional image information is proposed in this paper to prevent traffic accidents. A novel Binocular Information Reconstruction and Recognition (BIRR) algorithm is presented to implement the new idea. As initial detection, suspected abandoned objects(More)
Using cell phones as traffic probes is a promising Intelligent Transportation System technology. Compared with traditional traffic data collecting approaches, cellular probe has the advantage of the ready-to-use infrastructure and the wide coverage. This paper presents two Bayesian framework based traffic estimation models by the measurement of cell handoff(More)
Dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) has been a topic of substantial research during the past decade. While DTA is gradually maturing, many aspects of DTA still need improvements, especially regarding its formulation and solution capabilities under the transportation environment impacted by the Advanced Transportation Management and Information Systems (ATMIS).(More)
The Business Plan for the Intelligent Vehic le Initiative (IVI) from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) contains several candidate services that address collision warning and collision avoidance systems. Recently, a proactive crash mitigation system is proposed to enhance the crash avoidance and survivability components of the IVI. Accurate(More)