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Our previous work on real-valued function optimization problems had shown that cultural learning emerged as the result of meta-level interaction or swarming of knowledge sources, " knowledge swarms " in the belief space. These meta-level swarms induced the swarming of individuals in the population space, " Cultural Swarms ". The interaction of these(More)
BACKGROUND Because some of heat shock protein 90's (HSP90) clients are key cell cycle regulators, HSP90 inhibition can affect the cell cycle. Recently, celastrol is identified both as a novel inhibitor of HSP90 and as a potential anti-tumor agent. However, this agent's effects on the cell cycle are rarely investigated. In this study, we observed the effects(More)
The discovery of genetic or genomic markers plays a central role in the development of personalized medicine. A notable challenge exists when dealing with the high dimensionality of the data sets, as thousands of genes or millions of genetic variants are collected on a relatively small number of subjects. Traditional gene-wise selection methods using(More)
We recently found that the number of synapses in the spinal dorsal horn, as estimated by stereological techniques, increased by 86% after chronic constriction injury of sciatic nerve in rats. In this study, we aimed to reveal whether transection of sciatic nerve was also associated with a plasticity change in the number of synapses. 18 adult SD rats were(More)
—3C (CAD/CAM/CAE) method is put forward to optimize the structure of TSSC (twin-spirals scroll compressor) from conceptual design to finished products. The mathematical model and virtual model of TSSC are developed. A novel algorithm GA-HPSO combining with the advantages of GA (genetic algorithm), SA (simulated annealing) and PSO (particle swarm(More)