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Recently Anderson and Mattingly [Comm. Math. Sci. 9, 301 (2011)] proposed a method which can solve chemical Langevin equations with weak second order accuracy. We extend their work to the discrete chemical jump processes. With slight modification, the method can also solve discrete chemical kinetic systems with weak second order accuracy in the large volume(More)
We study numerically the long-time dynamics of a one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate expanding in a speckle or impurity disorder potential. Using the mean-field Gross-Pitaevskii equation, we demonstrate subdiffusive spreading of the condensate for long times. We find that interaction-assisted hopping between normal modes leads to this subdiffusion. A(More)
The stochastic integral ensuring the Newton-Leibnitz chain rule is essential in stochastic energetics. Marcus canonical integral has this property and can be understood as the Wong-Zakai type smoothing limit when the driving process is non-Gaussian. However, this important concept seems not well-known for physicists. In this paper, we discuss Marcus(More)
We consider the dynamics of systems driven by compound Poisson colored noise in the presence of inertia. We study the limit when the frictional relaxation time and the noise autocorrelation time both tend to zero. We show that the Itô and Marcus stochastic calculuses naturally arise depending on these two time scales, and an extra intermediate type occurs(More)
For quantum particles, it is well known that static disorder would lead to Anderson localization (AL) while dynamic (evolving) disorder would destroy AL and facilitate the transport. In this article, we study the transport behavior of a quantum particle in weak dynamic disorder. Based on Wigner representation, we obtain the radiative transfer equation (a(More)
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