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High Performance Switches and Routers
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Architecture of the Internet: Present and Future. 1.2 Router Architectures. 1.3 Commercial Core Router Examples. 1.4 Design of Core Routers. 1.5 IPExpand
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Reconciling mobile app privacy and usability on smartphones: could user privacy profiles help?
We report on the results of a study analyzing people's privacy preferences when it comes to granting permissions to mobile apps. Expand
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Tweets are forever: a large-scale quantitative analysis of deleted tweets
This paper describes an empirical study of 1.6M deleted tweets collected over a continuous one-week period from a set of 292K Twitter users. Expand
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Modeling Users' Mobile App Privacy Preferences: Restoring Usability in a Sea of Permission Settings
We show that, while people’s mobile app privacy preferences are diverse, it is possible to identify a small number of privacy profiles that collectively do a good job at capturing these diverse preferences. Expand
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Elevated body burdens of PBDEs, dioxins, and PCBs on thyroid hormone homeostasis at an electronic waste recycling site in China.
A cross-sectional study of 25 sample sets (each set consisted of maternal serum and cord whole blood) from 50 pregnant women in zone A (n = 25 from exposed group) and zone B (n = 25 from referenceExpand
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Efficient Privilege De-Escalation for Ad Libraries in Mobile Apps
We introduce a new machine classi?er for detecting ad libraries even in the presence of obfuscated code, and demonstrate that it has a 98% accuracy in detecting them and imposes less than 1% runtime overhead. Expand
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Follow My Recommendations: A Personalized Privacy Assistant for Mobile App Permissions
We propose a methodology to learn privacy profiles for permission settings and leverage these profiles in a personalized privacy assistant that actively supports users in configuring their permission settings. Expand
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A novel modeling approach of aluminum foam based on MATLAB image processing
Abstract Metal foams are a relatively new class of materials exhibiting well physical and mechanical properties which make them attractive in a number of engineering applications. In this paper, aExpand
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Gene2vec: gene subsequence embedding for prediction of mammalian N 6-methyladenosine sites from mRNA.
N 6-Methyladenosine (m6A) refers to methylation modification of the adenosine nucleotide acid at the nitrogen-6 position. Many conventional computational methods for identifying N 6-methyladenosineExpand
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A competitive indirect enzyme-linked immunoassay for lead ion measurement using mAbs against the lead-DTPA complex.
Immunoassays for quantitative measurement of environmental heavy metals offer several advantages over other traditional methods. To develop an immunoassay for lead, Balb/c mice were immunized with aExpand
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