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MicroRNA-107 promotes proliferation of gastric cancer cells by targeting cyclin dependent kinase 8
The findings indicate that miR-107 is upregulated in GC and affects the proliferation of GC cells, partially through the regulation of CDK8. Expand
High expression of NEDD9 predicts adverse outcomes of colorectal cancer patients.
The finding demonstrated the potential value of NEDD9 expression level as a prognostic molecular marker and a target for new therapies for CRC patients. Expand
Expression of transmembrane protein 41A is associated with metastasis via the modulation of E‑cadherin in radically resected gastric cancer.
The expression of TMEM41A was observed to be correlated with lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis and advanced tumor, node and metastasis stages, and may be considered as a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of GC‑associated metastasis. Expand
High expression of NEDD 9 predicts adverse outcomes of colorectal cancer patients
NEDD9, a member of Crk-associated substrate (CAS) family, is highly expressed in multiple cancer types and involved cancer cell adhesion, migration, invasion. The prognostic value of NEDD9 has notExpand