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As industry moves towards many-core chips, networks-on-chip (NoCs) are emerging as the scalable fabric for interconnecting the cores. With power now the first-order design constraint, early-stage estimation of NoC power has become crucially important. ORION [29] was amongst the first NoC power models released, and has since been fairly widely used for(More)
191 according to the simulation results. In order to mitigate the impact two techniques may be used: 1) design optimization such as insert buffers to reduce the increased delay due to intertier connections and 2) insert registers in the path across different tiers. In this paper, we studied the electrical characterization of intertier connections including(More)
The sparsity problem in collaborative filtering (CF) is a major bottleneck for most CF methods. In this paper, we consider a novel approach for alleviating the sparsity problem in CF by transferring user-item rating patterns from a dense auxiliary rating matrix in other domains (e.g., a popular movie rating website) to a sparse rating matrix in a target(More)
The innate immune system is absolutely required for host defence, but, uncontrolled, it leads to inflammatory disease. This control is mediated, in part, by cytokines that are secreted by macrophages. Immune regulation is extraordinarily complex, and can be best investigated with systems approaches (that is, using computational tools to predict regulatory(More)
Cross-domain collaborative filtering solves the sparsity problem by transferring rating knowledge across multiple domains. In this paper, we propose a rating-matrix generative model (RMGM) for effective cross-domain collaborative filtering. We first show that the relatedness across multiple rating matrices can be established by finding a shared implicit(More)
RNA interference is thought to require near-identity between the small interfering RNA (siRNA) and its cognate mRNA. Here, we used gene expression profiling to characterize the specificity of gene silencing by siRNAs in cultured human cells. Transcript profiles revealed siRNA-specific rather than target-specific signatures, including direct silencing of(More)
Abnormal sphingolipid metabolism has been previously reported in Alzheimer's disease (AD). To extend these findings, several sphingolipids and sphingolipid hydrolases were analyzed in brain samples from AD patients and age-matched normal individuals. We found a pattern of elevated acid sphingomyelinase (ASM) and acid ceramidase (AC) expression in AD,(More)
In this paper, we utilize the probabilities of the first digits of quantized DCT (discrete cosine transform) coefficients from individual AC (alternate current) modes to detect doubly compressed JPEG images. Our proposed features, named by mode based first digit features (MBFDF), have been shown to outperform all previous methods on discriminating doubly(More)
Optimization in dynamic environments is important in real-world applications, which requires the optimization algorithms to be able to find and track the changing optimum efficiently over time. Among various algorithms for dynamic optimization, particle swarm optimization algorithms (PSOs) are attracting more and more attentions in recent years, due to(More)