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SrCdGeS4 and SrCdGeSe4: Promising Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with Congruent-Melting Behavior
The quaternary chalcogenides SrCdGeS4 and SrCdGeSe4 were prepared by high-temperature reactions in the form of single crystals (at 1223 and 1123 K, respectively) or microcrystalline samples (at 1023
Two Mixed-Anion Units of [GeOSe3] and [GeO3S] Originating from Partial Isovalent Anion Substitution and Inducing Moderate Second Harmonic Generation Response and Large Birefringence.
Theoretical calculations revealed the crucial effects of mixed-anion [GeOSe3] and [GeO3S] units on the moderate second harmonic generation response and large birefringence, which will guide the exploration of new functional oxychalcogenides.
Two rare-earth-based quaternary chalcogenides EuCdGeQ4 (Q = S, Se) with strong second-harmonic generation.
Two new rare-earth-based chalcogenides EuCdGeQ4 (Q = S, Se) have been designed and constructed by using Eu2+ and the classical NLO-active SBUs of [CdQ4] and [ GeQ4], which melt congruently at relatively low temperatures and are suitable for bulk crystal growth by the Bridgman method.
EuHgGeSe4 and EuHgSnS4: Two Quaternary Eu-Based Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with Strong Second-Harmonic-Generation Responses.
Structural analysis and theoretical calculations verify the critical driving effects of [HgQ4]6- tetrahedra on the strong SHG activity and demonstrate that EuHgGeSe4 and EuhgSnS4 are potential IR NLO materials.
Ba3(C3N3O3)2: A New Phase of Barium Cyanurate Containing Parallel π-Conjugated Groups as a Birefringent Material Replacement for Calcite
A new phase of Ba3(C3N3O3)2 (I) was grown from RbCNO and BaCl2 by a solid state cyclo-trimerization reaction. It crystallizes in space group R3 with the cell parameters of a = 7.0934(2) A and c =