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This paper presents a novel approach to design frequency-agile bandpass filters with constant absolute bandwidth and passband shape, as well as a suppressed second harmonic. A novel mixed electric and magnetic coupling scheme is proposed to control the coupling coefficient variation. Theoretical analysis indicates that it is able to achieve desired coupling(More)
This paper presents a novel method for designing Gysel power dividers with arbitrary power-division ratios as well as filtering responses. A coupling structure is utilized to replace the quarter-wavelength microstrip line in the power divider. By altering the coupling strength, the power ratio can be arbitrarily controlled with the highest ratio of 10:1.(More)
—RFID technology is gaining much attention for indoor localization because of its advantages such as non-contact and non-line-of-sight nature. In this paper, we study two typical approaches using active RFID for indoor location sensing: LANDMARC and VIRE, and point out that the latter approach with a fixed threshold of Received Signal Strength Indication(More)
A novel broadband UHF RFID tag antenna mountable on metallic surface is presented. The structures of T-matching network and double symmetrical radiating patches shorted to ground plane are employed. The proposed antenna has a half power bandwidth of 11.4% when placed in free air and covers two major segments of the UHF RFID band when mounted on metallic(More)
This paper presents a new class of multi-stub loaded resonators with flexibly controlled resonance modes, which are suitable for both tunable and nontunable filter applications. The proposed resonators, modified from a basic tri-mode resonator, include two quad-mode ones and a six-mode one. One of the quad-mode resonators is utilized to design a(More)
a new data fusion algorithm based on improved leach protocol and gauss membership function of fuzzy theory in wireless sensor networks is presented. The improved leach protocol is utilized second-level cluster head to transmit fused data which can reduce energy consumption and prolong the network life cycle. The proposed fusion algorithm with the gauss(More)