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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are integrated, enterprise-wide systems that provide automated support for standard business processes within organisations. They have been adopted by organisations throughout the world with varying degrees of success. Implementing ERP systems is a complex, lengthy and expensive process. In this paper we synthesise(More)
Identification of protein complexes is crucial for understanding principles of cellular organization and functions. As the size of protein-protein interaction set increases, a general trend is to represent the interactions as a network and to develop effective algorithms to detect significant complexes in such networks. Based on the study of known complexes(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare hemispherectomy patients with different pathologic substrates for hospital course, seizure, developmental, language, and motor outcomes. METHODS The authors compared hemispherectomy patients (n = 115) with hemimegalencephaly (HME; n = 16), hemispheric cortical dysplasia (hemi CD; n = 39), Rasmussen encephalitis (RE; n = 21),(More)
Considered the commercialization and the virtualization characteristics of cloud computing, the paper proposed for the first time an algorithm of job scheduling based on Berger model. In the job scheduling process, the algorithm establishes dual fairness constraint. The first constraint is to classify user tasks by QoS preferences, and establish the general(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of cisplatin-based chemotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer is limited by the acquired drug resistance. Identification the RNAs related to the cisplatin resistance may help to improve clinical response rates. METHODS Microarray expression profiling of mRNAs, lncRNA and miRNA was undertaken in A549 cells and cisplatin resistant(More)
SUMMARY Rapid advances in pharmaceutical sciences have brought ever-increasing interests in combined therapies for better clinical efficacy and safety, especially in cases of complicated and refractory diseases. Innovative experimental technologies and theoretical frameworks are being actively developed for multicomponent drug research. In this work, we(More)
Multidomain scaffolding proteins organize the molecular machinery of neurotransmitter vesicle dynamics during synaptogenesis and synaptic activity. We find that domains of five active zone proteins converge on an interaction node that centers on the N-terminal region of Munc13-1 and includes the zinc-finger domain of Rim1, the C-terminal region of Bassoon,(More)
Two-factor authentication scheme for roaming service in global mobility network enables the mobile user in possession of a password and a smart card to achieve mutual authentication and session key establishment with the foreign agent. In this paper, we first identify six properties of this type of schemes: (1) Anonymity and untraceability; (2) Robustness;(More)