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One of the challenges of CSUL (Computer Supported Ubiquitous Learning) research is capturing what learners have learned with the contextual data, and reminding the learners of it in the right place and the right time. This paper proposes a ubiquitous learning log system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reminding Of Learning Log). Ubiquitous Learning(More)
This paper explores a context-aware and personalization method in Mobile Learning system based on ubiquitous learning logs. Ubiquitous learning log stands for the log of knowledge or learning experience acquired ubiquitously. We construct a ubiquitous learning log system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reminding of Learning Log). Our research(More)
This paper proposes a Navigator system in ubiquitous learning log system called SCROLL(System for Capturing and Reminding Of Learning Log). Navigator system supports learning in terms of visualization of learning logs stored in SCROLL system. It informs learners of what and where other learners have learned visually and recommend other learning logs which(More)
Both anatomical and functional brain network studies have drawn great attention recently. Previous studies have suggested the significant impacts of brain network topology on cognitive function. However, the relationship between non-task-related resting-state functional brain network topology and overall efficiency of sensorimotor processing has not been(More)
A Ubiquitous Learning Log (ULL) is defined as a digital record of what a learner has learned in daily life using ubiquitous computing technologies. In this paper, a project which developed a system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reusing Of Learning Log) is presented. The aim of developing SCROLL is to help learners record, organize, recall and(More)
Due to the electrically small antenna of wireless sensor in automotive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), wireless transmission efficiency of TPMS is low. To increase the wireless transmission efficiency of TPMS system, a wheel antenna is proposed in this paper. The wheel antenna consists of a valve and a wheel. The three-dimensional electromagnetic(More)
To evaluate the efficacy of a community-based adult obesity intervention in Angang. The intervention included health education activities among residents in a community in Anyang. 2400 and 1200 individual were randomly selected as intervention group and control group respectively from a community in Anyang. The questionnairing survey and body weight(More)