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Hierarchically structured polysulfone/titania fibrous membranes with enhanced air filtration performance.
Hierarchically structured, superhydrophobic filter medium exhibiting robust filtration performance to airborne particulate were prepared by a facile deposition of electrospun polysulfone/titaniaExpand
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Label-free ultrasensitive colorimetric detection of copper(II) ions utilizing polyaniline/polyamide-6 nano-fiber/net sensor strips
A novel, ultrasensitive, selective and flexible sensor strip based on polyaniline/polyamide-6 (PANI/PA-6) nano-fiber/net (NFN) membranes for naked-eye colorimetric detection of Cu2+ ions in water isExpand
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Multilevel structured polyacrylonitrile/silica nanofibrous membranes for high-performance air filtration
Abstract As engineers strive to develop high-performance filtration membranes with structural alternatives, the challenges and costs of processing often limit creative innovation. Here, we describe aExpand
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Nanoporous polystyrene fibers for oil spill cleanup.
The development of oil sorbents with high sorption capacity, low cost, scalable fabrication, and high selectivity is of great significance for water environmental protection, especially for oilExpand
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Fabrication of polymer/layered silicate intercalated nanofibrous mats and their bacterial inhibition activity
Abstract A uniform electrospun nanofibrous membrane was fabricated from chitosan (CS)–polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/organic rectorite (OREC) with different mixing ratios by solution-mixing process andExpand
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Tortuously structured polyvinyl chloride/polyurethane fibrous membranes for high-efficiency fine particulate filtration.
Two-tier composite filtration medium exhibiting excellent filtration performance to airborne particulate was prepared by a facile deposition of electrospun polyvinyl chloride (PVC)/polyurethane (PU)Expand
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Nanofibrous polyethyleneimine membranes as sensitive coatings for quartz crystal microbalance-based formaldehyde sensors
Abstract A novel formaldehyde sensor was fabricated by electrospinning deposition of nanofibrous polyethyleneimine (PEI)/poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) membranes as sensitive coatings on quartz crystalExpand
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Self-assembly of phthalocyanine and polyacrylic acid composite multilayers on cellulose nanofibers
Abstract In this study, a novel nanocomposite multilayers was deposited on the electrospun nanofibrous mats by an electrostatic layer-by-layer (LBL) self-assembly technique. The positively chargedExpand
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Engineering biomimetic superhydrophobic surfaces of electrospun nanomaterials
Summary Biomimetics provides a model for developments of functional surfaces with special wettability. Recently, manufacturing bio-inspired superhydrophobic surfaces has become an increasingly hotExpand
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Enhanced bacterial inhibition activity of layer-by-layer structured polysaccharide film-coated cellulose nanofibrous mats via addition of layered silicate
Organic rectorite (OREC) was used to prepare the intercalated composites with chitosan (CS). The negatively charged cellulose nanofibers hydrolyzed from electrospun cellulose acetate fibrous matsExpand
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