Bin Chang

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Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 (ALDH1), a detoxifying enzyme responsible for the oxidation of intracellular aldehydes, was shown to have a function in the early differentiation of stem cells, through its function in oxidizing retinol to retinoic acid. It has been shown that ALDH1 is a predictor of poor clinical outcome in breast cancer. The authors hypothesized(More)
DIXDC1 (Dishevelled-Axin domain containing 1) is a positive regulator of the Wnt pathway. In the field of cancer research, the role of DIXDC1 is unclear. Our previous in vitro study showed that DIXDC1 enhances β-catenin nuclear accumulation in gastric cancer cell lines. The aim of this study was to detect the expression of DIXDC1 in different histological(More)
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