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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the extent to which psychosis, disordered impulse control, and psychopathy contribute to assaults among psychiatric inpatients. METHODS The authors used a semistructured interview to elicit reasons for assaults from assailants and their victims on an inpatient research ward. Video monitoring provided(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of switching from a multiple dose preparation of divalproex sodium delayed release (DR) to once-daily dosing with divalproex sodium extended release (ER) in patients with schizophrenia already receiving the standard DR formulation. METHOD Thirty subjects with schizophrenia were switched from(More)
UNLABELLED Assessment of Quality of Life in Epilepsy has currently been emphasized to provide comprehensive care to patients. AIM To develop and standardize and assess the psychometric properties of Bengali version of QOLIE-10 and to assess the relationship of quality of life with seizure variables and presence of psychiatric morbidity. DESIGN English(More)
The parameterized satisfiability problem over a set of Boolean relations Γ (SAT(Γ)) is the problem of determining whether a conjunctive formula over Γ has at least one model. Due to Schaefer's dichotomy theorem the computational complexity of SAT(Γ), modulo polynomial-time reductions , has been completely determined: SAT(Γ) is always either tractable or(More)
Collaboration between state clinical treatment services and academic research is fertile ground for clinical research opportunities. Such joint initiatives require careful planning, including provisions for joint training, integration of research staff into clinical activities, and integration of clinical treatment staff into research activities. The(More)
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