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UNLABELLED Assessment of Quality of Life in Epilepsy has currently been emphasized to provide comprehensive care to patients. AIM To develop and standardize and assess the psychometric properties of Bengali version of QOLIE-10 and to assess the relationship of quality of life with seizure variables and presence of psychiatric morbidity. DESIGN English(More)
The exponential-time hypothesis (ETH) states that 3-SAT is not solvable in subexponential time, i.e. not solvable in O(c) time for arbitrary c > 1, where n denotes the number of variables. Problems like k-SAT can be viewed as special cases of the constraint satisfaction problem (CSP), which is the problem of determining whether a set of constraints is(More)
The parameterized satisfiability problem over a set of Boolean relations Γ (SAT(Γ)) is the problem of determining whether a conjunctive formula over Γ has at least one model. Due to Schaefer's dichotomy theorem the computational complexity of SAT(Γ), modulo polynomial-time reductions , has been completely determined: SAT(Γ) is always either tractable or(More)
This report describes an unusual case of a woman who developed progressive hemiparesis, seizures and hemiparkinsonism associated with MRI and angiographic evidence of chronic venous hypertension in the contralateral cerebrum and cerebellum. In the absence of inflammatory or veno-occlusive disorders, the patient's clinical and neuroradiological findings(More)
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