Biman Gujral

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Automatic question generation can support instruction and learning. However, work to date has produced mostly “shallow” questions that fall short of supporting deep learning and discussion. We propose an extension to a state-of-the-art question generation system that allows it to produce deep, subjective questions suitable for group discussion. We evaluate(More)
We present Deep Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis (DGCCA) – a method for learning nonlinear transformations of arbitrarily many views of data, such that the resulting transformations are maximally informative of each other. While methods for nonlinear two-view representation learning (Deep CCA, (Andrew et al., 2013)) and linear many-view(More)
We address the problem of unknown words, also known as out of vocabulary (OOV) words, in machine translation of low resource languages. Our technique comprises a combination of methods, inspired by the common OOV types observed. We also design evaluation techniques for measuring coverage of OOVs achieved and integrate the new translation candidates in a(More)
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