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The incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in children in western countries may be rising. Since there is no prospective national data on the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI), we undertook a prospective survey to determine this incidence. The incidence during 1998 and 1999 was 5.2/100,000 per year in children(More)
A detailed costing of the Mersey regional neonatal intensive care unit was made for 1983 (at 1984 prices) for three levels of care; costs per inpatient day were 297 pounds, 138 pounds, and 71 pounds for intensive, special, and nursery care, respectively. Regression of ungrouped patient-specific costs against birthweight showed the explanatory power of(More)
Current proposals in the general practitioner contract include additional payments to doctors working among deprived populations. The underprivileged area score will be used to identify local authority wards with the greatest levels of deprivation, thus acting as the basis for distributing considerable resources. Two methods of identifying deprived(More)
Low dose aspirin (</=325 mg) is routinely used for primary and secondary prophylaxis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. The use of low dose aspirin is associated with two- to four-fold greater risk of symptomatic or complicated peptic ulcers. Risk factors associated with low dose aspirin induced gastrointestinal toxicity includes prior history of(More)
OBJECT Histopathological observations and biochemical analysis of sutural bones in nine patients with craniosynostosis were compared with control subjects of the same age range. METHODS Microscopic examination in craniosynostosis showed formation of an active osseous front, with higher osteoblastic activity than in controls. Biochemical analysis revealed(More)
Cisapride was used to treat gastro-oesophageal reflux in seven children with neurodevelopmental disorders and in 15 children who were neurologically normal. 24-hour lower-oesophageal pH monitoring was carried out before and after treatment. The neurologically normal group had a statistically significant decrease after treatment in percentage time pH less(More)
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