Bimal Sinha

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The latest coupled configuration of the Met Office Unified Model (Global Coupled configuration 2, GC2) is presented. This paper documents the model components which make up the configuration (although the scientific description of these components is detailed elsewhere) and provides a description of the coupling between the components. The performance of(More)
Most statistical agencies are concerned with the dual challenge of releasing quality data and reducing, if not totally eliminating, the risk of divulging private information. Various data masking procedures such as data swapping, cell suppression, use of synthetic data and random noise perturbations have been recommended and used in practice to meet these(More)
K. D. Williams, C. M. Harris, A. Bodas-Salcedo, J. Camp, R. E. Comer, D. Copsey, D. Fereday, T. Graham, R. Hill, T. Hinton, P. Hyder, S. Ineson, G. Masato, S. F. Milton, M. J. Roberts, D. P. Rowell, C. Sanchez, A. Shelly, B. Sinha, D. N. Walters, A. West, T. Woollings, and P. K. Xavier Met Office, Exeter, UK University of Reading, Reading, UK National(More)
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