Billy Rios

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Since the time of Kraepelin, in continental Europe the sadness of depression has been considered to have a "distinct quality' basic to the diagnosis of pathological depression. This distinct quality has been interpreted by observers but patients have been noted to have difficulty verbalizing differences from normal sadness. The authors have used a(More)
Critical infrastructures such as oil and gas pipelines, the electric power grid, and railways, rely on the proper operation of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The trend to interconnect SCADA system devices using networking technologies, however, has introduced additional entry points for malicious software, often via the Internet.(More)
The present study was aimed at assessing the psychopathological manifestations, stress factors, evolution and social adaptation of 29 patients diagnosed with psychogenic paranoid psychosis. This syndrome is seen as an entity in itself, and is closely related to trigger factors; stability in the symptomatology of each relapse; favourable response to(More)
The consumption of Cannabis has been related with different psychiatric disorders. However the role of this drug in the etiology of disorders has not yet precisely been established. It has been discussed that the existence of an Induced Psychosis is brought about by the consumption of Cannabis. The objective of our study is to determine if there exists(More)
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