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Ingestion of aliphatic hydrocarbons--even in small amounts--can cause severe respiratory distress in children. Such accidents are becoming increasingly common in Sweden. A case of severe hydrocarbon ingestion is reported, where a 16-month-old boy, initially treated with mechanical ventilation for respiratory distress, subsequently developed a reversible(More)
In 22 patients with suspected diffuse goiter, the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography was compared with that of aspiration biopsy cytology and thyroid antibody testing. Ultrasonography was abnormal in 100% (10/10) of the patients with autoimmune thyroid disease, only 90% (9/10) of whom were identified with antibody testing. All patients with diffuse(More)
The aim of our study was to investigate the coexistence of thyroid autoimmunity and allergic diseases. The prevalence of thyroid autoantibodies was studied in sera from 140 children with different kinds of allergic diseases, 370 11-13-y-old schoolchildren without allergic diseases serving as controls. The prevalence of thyroid peroxidase autoantibodies was(More)
The development of aircraft involves many actors throughout the supply chain. The rationale for forming partnerships and selecting suppliers ranges from risk sharing, knowledge access to price and reliability of supply. The product, subject to many design drivers, uses a wide range of technologies in highly optimized conditions with ever-increasing cost(More)
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