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Personal experience with the operative management of 28 patients presenting acute purulent peritonitis with ensuing ileus using a complex approach, based on total "internal" splinting of the small intestine, is shared. The 4-channel sound, designed and constructed in the clinic for intubation and simultaneous lavage of the small intestine, promotes(More)
The authors examined critically no big one series of 41 patients undergone surgical procedures about liver hydatid cyst after so called "covered method". The simplicity of the method is signified and the lower risk, mortality and morbidity makes it convenient for surgeons with different degree and ability. The post operative application of 30% NaCl solution(More)
Problems relating to suture of the urinary bladder wall are discussed against the background of experimental and clinical studies on ten laboratory animals (pigs) and a series of urological patients subjected to bladder operation. The somewhat different technique of the bladder-wall suture employed is characterized by features such as being anatomically(More)
The results of the operative management of 37 patients with acute necrotic pancreatitis, covering a ten-year period (1984-1993), are discussed. It is stressed that regardless of the complex conservative and subsequent precisely indicated operative management, acute necrotic pancreatitis remains an exclusively serious and problem disease, accounting for a(More)
In a clinical series including 32 patients with achalasia an assessment is done of the possibilities afforded by palliative management using the method of pneumatic balloon dilatation with Rigiflex dilatator. Emphasis is laid on the simplicity and efficacy of this endoscopic procedure, seldom giving rise to serious complications--one esophageal perforation(More)