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The ultrasound method of examination led to revolutionary changes in the diagnosis of liver echinococcosis [correction of Echinococcus]. The ultrasound image of this disease, which is common in the region, is presented. The ultrasound method is compared with other diagnostic methods and its importance is pointed out. The ultrasound method of examination is(More)
The palliative treatment results in 41 patients presenting intractable malignant stenosis of the esophagus--carcinomas among which one carcinoid and three branchial carcinomas--following endoscopic implantation of a plastic prosthesis (tubus) are analyzed. It is stressed that it is a matter of a palliative method, promptly eliminating the nutritional(More)
Dito and Turrubiates recently introduced an interesting model of the dissipative quantum mechanics of a damped harmonic oscillator in phase space. Its key ingredient is a non-Hermitian deformation of the Moyal star product with the damping constant as deformation parameter. We compare the Dito-Turrubiates scheme with phase-space quantum mechanics (or(More)
Operative treatment of stress incontinence using Goebell-Stoeckel's procedure is undertaken in a rather limited number of patients. As shown by the analysis of the postoperative results, the scope of intervention is by no means warranted from anatomical viewpoint. The comparatively similar postoperative results in the contingent being examined point to the(More)
The authors examined critically no big one series of 41 patients undergone surgical procedures about liver hydatid cyst after so called "covered method". The simplicity of the method is signified and the lower risk, mortality and morbidity makes it convenient for surgeons with different degree and ability. The post operative application of 30% NaCl solution(More)
The reaction of aminoacylation of tRNAPhe from yeasts and the erroneous acylation of total tRNA from E. coli by yeast phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase under special conditions was studied. It was shown that the decrease in the degree of acylation of tRNAPhe and the increase in the degree of erroneous acylation of the total tRNA from E. coli are associated with(More)