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Maestro - 3D group calendar visualizer aims at handling multiple schedules and highlighting common free times. One of the most powerful skills of Maestro is scalability according to the number of group members, which can be up to 18 users. The use of color and shape intends to create a more lucid picture of an organizationpsilas schedule, as opposed to(More)
Here we present a method for extracting candidate cancer pathways from tumor 'omics data while explicitly accounting for diverse consequences of mutations for protein interactions. Disease-causing mutations are frequently observed at either core or interface residues mediating protein interactions. Mutations at core residues frequently destabilize protein(More)
Networks are increasingly used to study the impact of drugs at the systems level. From the algorithmic standpoint, a drug can "attack" nodes or edges of a protein-protein interaction network. In this work, we propose a new network strategy, "The Interface Attack", based on protein-protein interfaces. Similar interface architectures can occur between(More)
Inflammation has significant roles in all phases of tumor development, including initiation, progression and metastasis. Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is a well-known immuno-modulatory cytokine with an anti-inflammatory activity. Lack of IL-10 allows induction of pro-inflammatory cytokines and hinders anti-tumor immunity, thereby favoring tumor growth. The IL-10(More)
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