Billi Copeland

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Fluid collections are an important component of severe pancreatitis because they may produce a detectable mass and may be responsible for prolongation of fever and pain. Among 59 cases of clinically verified pancreatitis, 32 were shown by CT to be complicated by pancreatic and/or extrapancreatic fluid collections. Pancreatic fluid collections, diagnosed in(More)
We propose a new methodology for the estimation of reference intervals for data sets with small numbers of observations or for those with substantial numbers of outliers. We propose a prediction interval that uses robust estimates of location and scale. The SAS software can be readily modified to do these calculations. We compared four reference interval(More)
In a series of 1137 diagnostic breast biopsy specimens in a 2-year period, nearly half (n = 534) underwent specimen mammography. Calcifications were found in 48% of the specimen mammograms. In a quarter of the cases, calcification was a marker either for carcinoma or a significant precursor lesion. Moreover, in the majority of these malignancies,(More)
The authors tested the plasma hemoglobin measurement procedure of Soloni, Cunningham, and Amazon (Am J Clin Pathol 1986;85:342-347), which uses recording derivative spectrophotometry. By this technique, the authors were able to measure plasma or serum hemoglobin down to a level of 10 mg/L (1 mg/dL). The method was found to be quantitative and not affected(More)