Billa Prashanth

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In this manuscript we present the technique to detect and analyze the DNA rich structure in Haemotoxylin&Eosin (H&E) image of a tissue treated with anti CD4 green antigen. The detection of DNA rich structure can be considered as a detection of blue nuclei present through the biomedical signal/image processing technique performed on the image of the tissue(More)
DAC architectures reported in the literature use segmentation schemes involving more thermometer and less binary bits, in order to guarantee a better dynamic and static performance. In this paper, a novel technique is proposed to minimize the glitch in the binary section of a segmented current steering DAC through the custom design of latches. This enables(More)
A Smarandachely k-signed digraph (Smarandachely k-marked digraph) is an ordered pair S = (D, σ) (S = (D, µ)) where D = (V, A) is a digraph called underlying digraph of S and σ : A → e k)) is a function, where each ei ∈ {+, −}. Particularly, a Smarandachely 2-signed digraph or Smarandachely 2-marked digraph is called abbreviated a signed digraph or a marked(More)
Reactions of bis(phosphinimino)amines LH and L'H with Me2 S⋅BH2 Cl afforded chloroborane complexes LBHCl (1) and L'BHCl (2), and the reaction of L'H with BH3 ⋅Me2 S gave a dihydridoborane complex L'BH2 (3) (LH=[{(2,4,6-Me3 C6 H2 N)P(Ph2 )}2 N]H and L'H=[{(2,6-iPr2 C6 H3 N)P(Ph2 )}2 N]H). Furthermore, abstraction of a hydride ion from L'BH2 (3) and LBH2 (4)(More)
In this note we define two generalizations of the line graph and obtain some results. Also, we mark some open problems. For standard terminology and notion in graph theory we refer the reader to Harary [2]; the non-standard will be given in this paper as and when required. We treat only finite simple graphs without self loops and isolates. The line graph(More)
Reduction of the cyclodiphosphazane [(S=)ClP(μ-NtBu)]2 (1) with sodium metal in refluxing toluene proceeds via two different pathways. One is a Wurtz-type pathway involving elimination of NaCl from 1 followed by head-to-tail cyclization to give the hexameric macrocycle [(μ-S)P(μ-NtBu)2 P(=S)]6 (2). The other pathway involves reduction of the P=S bonds of 1(More)
Adverse drug reactions (ADR) are an expression that describes harm associated with the use of medications at therapeutic dose. Traditional medicines also can develop ADRs due to their improper use. Shvitrahara Varti, one of such medicines holds Bakuchi as a component and is to be used judiciously. Furanocoumarins like psoralen present in Bakuchi makes skin(More)
A sterically demanding iminophosphonamine ligand [(2,6-iPr2C6H3N)P(Ph2)(NtBu)]H (LH) and its lithium derivative [(2,6-iPr2C6H3N)P(Ph2)(NtBu)](Li·2THF) (1) were used to prepare complexes of group 13 elements. The reaction of LH with AlH3·NMe2Et and AlMe3 respectively, affords [LAlH2]2 (2) and LAlMe2 (3). The lithium derivative 1 when treated with the MCl3(More)