Bill Wolf

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We show that the Commissureless (COMM) transmembrane protein is required at neuromuscular synaptogenesis. All muscles in the Drosophila embryo express COMM during the period of motoneuron-muscle interaction. It is endocytosed into muscles before synaptogenesis. In comm loss-of-function mutants, motoneuron growth cones fail to initiate synaptogenesis at(More)
Timmerman with the Maryland Public Service Commission for providing data used in this study and reviewing the draft. Finally, thanks to Renee Nida with ACEEE for editing the report. ACEEE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. For more information,(More)
Axons in the bilateral brain of Drosophila decide whether or not to cross the midline before following their specific subsequent pathways. In commissureless mutants, the RP3 and V motoneuron axons often fail to cross the midline but subsequently follow the mirror-image pathways and innervate corresponding muscle targets on the ipsilateral side. Conversely,(More)
These programs were written for the IBM personal computer equipped with a Tecmar Labmaster analog interface board. The software operates under the MS-DOS operating system; it is written in compiled BASIC and employs short machine-language subroutines for crucial functions. Details are presented on the analog interface routines which make special use of the(More)
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