Bill Thibault

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Irradiated cells induce chromosomal instability in unirradiated bystander cells in vitro. Although bystander effects are thought to be linked to radiation-induced secondary cancers, almost no studies have evaluated bystander effects in vivo. Furthermore, it has been proposed that epigenetic changes mediate bystander effects, but few studies have evaluated(More)
Epithelial ovarian carcinoma is characterized by high frequency of recurrence (70% of patients) and carboplatin resistance acquisition. Carcinoma-associated mesenchymal stem cells (CA-MSC) have been shown to induce ovarian cancer chemoresistance through trogocytosis. Here we examined CA-MSC properties to protect ovarian cancer cells from carboplatin-induced(More)
  • Naut Humon, Bill Thibault, Vance Galloway, Jessica Grace Wing
  • 1998
Sound Traffic Control (STC) is a system for interactively controlled 3-D audio, displayed using a loudspeaker array. The intended application is live musical performance. Goals of the system include flexibility, ease of use, fault tolerance, audio quality, and synchronization with external media sources such as MIDI, audio feeds from musicians, and video.(More)
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