Bill Shannon

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Generic medicines are those where patent protection has expired, and which may be produced by manufacturers other than the innovator company. Use of generic medicines has been increasing in recent years, primarily as a cost saving measure in healthcare provision. Generic medicines are typically 20 to 90% cheaper than originator equivalents. Our objective is(More)
BACKGROUND To benefit from cost-savings associated with generic medicine use; in June 2013, Ireland introduced generic substitution and reference pricing. The attitudes and behaviours of health care professionals may influence successful implementation of such changes. OBJECTIVES To assess perceptions of GPs in Ireland regarding generic medicines in the(More)
INTRODUCTION In an attempt to benefit from the cost-savings associated with use of generic medicines, in June 2013 Ireland introduced generic substitution and reference pricing for the first time. However, perceptions of Irish patients towards generic medicines have not been published previously. Therefore, the objective of this study was to assess how(More)
BACKGROUND Following the enactment of legislation in June 2013, generic substitution and reference pricing of medicines has been introduced, for the first time, in Ireland. This novel study is the first assessment of the perceptions of community pharmacists in Ireland towards generic medicines completed in the period immediately prior to the introduction of(More)
BACKGROUND Internationally, generic medicines are increasingly seen as a key strategy to reduce healthcare expenditure, therefore awareness and knowledge transfer regarding generic medicines are valid areas of research. Although the Internet is a frequently used source of medical information, the accuracy of material found online is variable. The aim of(More)
The Camberwell Psychiatric Register was searched for contacts by the 2257 women resident in the register catchment area who were known to have had a child in 1970. Of these, 99 women (and 39 of their husbands) were found to have had a 'new episode' of psychiatric illness in the two years before or the two years after the birth of their child. The(More)
The objective of the study was to determine the effect of nutrition instruction, using the curriculum guides, Nutrition In A Changing World, A Curriculum for Junior High Health, and A Curriculum for Senior High Health, on improving the nutrition knowledge, selected food/nutrition attitudes, and dietary behavior of students enrolled in secondary level health(More)
INTRODUCTION This study is the first comparative assessment, internationally, of perceptions of generic medicines between general practitioners (GPs) and pharmacists in at least the last decade. METHODOLOGY One-to-one semi-structured interviews were performed with 34 GPs and 44 community pharmacists in Ireland. Interviews were transcribed and qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet is a widely used source of information for patients searching for medical/health care information. While many studies have assessed existing medical/health care information on the Internet, relatively few have examined methods for design and delivery of such websites, particularly those aimed at the general public. OBJECTIVE This(More)
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