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AIM To determine the clinical utility of a rapid molecular assay for Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in an acute hospital setting. METHODS From March to September 2011, stool specimens from inpatients in two acute hospitals with suspected CDI were tested prospectively by routine cell culture cytotoxin neutralization assay (CCNA), real-time(More)
Young males with levels of serum cholesterol or triglyceride in the upper quartile of the distribution for volunteers tested, participated in a program designed to determine the effect of diet and exercise on serum lipids. Dietary modifications involved caloric restriction superimposed on either the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommendations for(More)
Acknowledgements: We are very grateful for the stimulating criticism and support we have received over a number of years about this research from We especially thank Richard Goldthwaite. His detailed and constructive criticisms were an inspiration, because of the erudition and lifetime of archival labor upon which they rested. We also thank the participants(More)
The shoulder is a remarkable structure enjoying a greater range of motion than any other articulation in the human body. The shoulder is not a single joint but actually four separate articulations that act synergistically. The authors review the complex anatomy of the shoulder, presenting correlation between anatomic sections and MR arthrography.
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