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The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the State of Florida, NOAA or any of its subagencies. Abstract This study evaluated the water quality effects of both untreated and state-of-the-art treated stormwater on a Florida freshwater oligotrophic marsh macroinvertebrate assemblage during 1995-96. Twenty(More)
are gratefully acknowledged, as is the help of Sophie Lefebvre in constructing the data. We also thank Timothy Sargent for providing an index of Canadian UI program parameters. This paper represents the views of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Statistics Canada. The author names appear in alphabetical order. Abstract The(More)
„ While Canada has made progress in the past two decades in terms of lowering high-school dropout rates, those rates remain unacceptably high for boys and certain groups characterized by poverty and cultural traditions that do not stress formal schooling. „ The male share of the dropout population continues to rise, with five males now dropping out for(More)
Canada Post is at a critical juncture: facing large current – and larger looming – financial losses, it must undergo reforms in order to contain costs and stem losses. However, the federal government, as the owner of Canada Post, will also face pressure to maintain the same price for mail services across Canada, keep open rural and isolated facilities, and(More)
  • Stock Assessments, R C Ferrero, D P Demaster, P S Hill, M M Muto, A L Lopez +36 others
  • 2001
Public Law 103-238 was enacted allowing significant changes to provisions within the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). Interactions between marine mammals and commercial fisheries are addressed under three new sections. This new regime replaced the interim exemption that has regulated fisheries­ related incidental takes since 1988. Section 117, Stock(More)
In this issue... The federal role in mortgage insurance is more prominent than it needs to be. Governments' role in mortgage markets is pervasive. An active role is often justified on the ground that home ownership is a fundamental good that governments should promote, and can do so through active engagement in mortgage markets. However, critics worry that(More)
  • Bev Dahlby, Bev Dahlby Is Professor, Colin Busby, Paul De Grauwe, Ergete Ferede, David Laidler +4 others
  • 2009
In this issue... The author evaluates the fiscal stimulus policies of 20 OECD countries within a simple benefit-cost framework. Among his findings: in Canada, to be justifiable on a benefit-cost basis, a fiscal stimulus project that improves consumptive public services must provide at least 73 cents in benefits for every dollar of fiscal stimulus. The large(More)
This Discussion Paper is issued within the framework of IZA's research area The Welfare State and Labor Markets. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and not those of the institute. Research disseminated by IZA may include views on policy, but the institute itself takes no institutional policy positions. The Institute for the Study of(More)