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It is a mantra of our profession that any search for strictly technical solutions that do not take the human and organizational elements into account is doomed to failure. This becomes especially interesting when it is borne out in an inherently technical realm, populated with " techies. " In this article, we share highlights from a field study of IT(More)
  • B Reid
  • 1993
The paper uses the stimulus of a personal reflection to explore how the concept of reflective practice can be facilitated. The thoughts on facilitation combine the use of recognised knowledge, experience and reflection to offer a way of reducing the risk of rejection of reflective practice. In setting the context for such an exploration, reflective practice(More)
  • B Reid
  • 1991
Using an ethnographic approach, the phenomenon of the routine of 'doing the obs' (nursing observations of vital signs) was examined with particular reference made to its rationale. This involved a period of fieldwork in a ward which consisted of non-participant observation of the nurses at work and short interviews with them. The experience of the study(More)
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