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The aim of this study was to investigate the transferability of technology and reproducibility of MUTZ-3 derived Langerhans Cell (MUTZ-LC) migration assay. The protocol was transferred from the NL-lab to two Sens-it-iv project partners (UK-lab, Italy-lab). Intra- and inter-laboratory variation with regards to MUTZ-3 progenitor culture, differentiation to(More)
The level of gluten antibodies has been determined in plasma samples from 36 patients with MS using a haemagglutination technique. Only one of the 36 patients studied showed any evidence of gluten antibodies and the level of antibodies in this patient did not justify putting the patient on a gluten-free diet. This study has provided no evidence to support(More)
This study examines the relationship between the investment earnings of life insurance firms in New Zealand and their organisational characteristics. Using data for the period 1988–1993, a pooled Weighted Least Squares regression model is estimated. Consistent with expectations, the empirical results indicate that investment earnings were higher for stock(More)
We examine whether companies voluntarily disclose additional information about tax loss carryforwards when the recoverability is more uncertain. With this study, we aim to explain part of the huge cross-sectional variation in the tax footnote. To assess disclosure behavior, we hand-collect data from notes of large German firms’ IFRS financial statements and(More)
Bank payouts divert cash to shareholders, while leaving behind riskier and less liquid assets to repay debt holders in the future. Bank payouts, therefore, constitute a type of risk-shifting that benefits equity holders at the expense of debt holders. In this paper, we provide insights on how incentives stemming from inside debt impact bank payout policy in(More)