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Response rate and the proportion of time pigeons allocated to a key-pecking activity were measured on several basic types of reinforcement schedules. Reinforcement frequency was varied within each type of basic schedule, and the effects on two constituents of response rate were noted. Propensity, the proportion of time the birds spent on a platform in front(More)
We describe the operation of a bistatic HF radar network and outline analysis methods for the derivation of the elliptical velocity components from the radar echo spectra. Bistatic operation is illustrated by application to a bistatic pair: Both remote systems receive backscattered echo, with one remote system in addition receiving bistatic echoes(More)
The variability of optic nerve parameters obtained with versions 3.4 and 3.5 of the Topcon IMAGEnet computer stereo analysis system was studied. The consistency of horizontal cup-to-disc ratio, vertical cup-to-disc ratio, cup volume, neuroretinal rim area, neuroretinal rim-to-disc area, and the percentage of poorly correlated conjugate points (bad points)(More)
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