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The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the effectiveness of an occupation based health and fitness program. Subjects were 1,504 police trainees (85% male, 15% female) with an ethnic distribution of 82% white, 16% African American, and 2% other. Data were collected at 25 sites across the state of North Carolina. The sites were randomly(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the presentation, outcomes, and the risk of serious bacterial infection (SBI) in infants <3 months old with influenza virus infection. PATIENTS AND METHODS We identified demographic, hospitalization, and microbiologic data from computerized medical records for all infants and children <24 months of age, with laboratory confirmed(More)
Emergency department (ED) triage is a fast-paced process that prioritizes the allocation of limited health care resources to patients in greatest need. This paper describes the experiences with an integrated, computerized triage application. The system exchanges information with other information systems, including the ED patient tracking board, the(More)
Many studies over the last 20 years have used logistic regression to model the relationship between the risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD) and the levels of risk factors such as high blood pressure, high serum cholesterol, and cigarette smoking. Subsequently, several investigators have proposed the use of some of the published estimated(More)
An outbreak of disease in young pigeons associated with a herpesvirus is reported. The clinical history, macroscopic and microscopic appearance of lesions and virus isolation are described. Most affected birds showed lesions in the upper alimentary tract epithelium as well as in skin, nasal mucosa and salivary glands. Lesions in liver, spleen and pancreas(More)
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