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Previous studies have demonstrated that accurate alveolar bone-level measurements can be made using digitally enhanced bitewing radiographs. In this study, we determined the effect of exposure variations on bone-level measurement accuracy using digital radiographic images of dry skulls. 6 direct bone-level measurements on the mandibular 1st molars of dry(More)
The claim that mercury from dental amalgam produces "reduced immunocompetence" was examined by measuring the levels of the three major populations of lymphocytes on 37 subjects--21 with amalgam restorations and 16 without. The results of this study show no indication that amalgam restorations affect the human immune system nor do they support the "reduced(More)
The effect on microleakage of varying the powder-to-liquid ratio (P/L) of IRM used to restore endodontic access preparations was evaluated. Crowns of noncarious, nonrestored extracted human teeth were used in this study. Microleakage was measured using a fluid filtration technique prior to access preparation to obtain control measurements. After access(More)
Unlike traditional radiographs, digital images are electronically alterable and offer the potential for enhancing diagnostic information. The authors conducted a small-scale study to examine differences in clinicians' diagnoses of caries using traditional radiographs and digitized images vs. microscopic diagnosis. Two general dentists and one(More)
Orthopedic surgery and general dentistry residency program directors were surveyed about treatment considerations for dental patients with prosthetic joints. The majority believed dental diseases can affect joint prostheses and thought orthopedic surgeons should be consulted before dental treatment. Both groups recommended antibiotic prophylaxis for these(More)
High-availability service management (HASM) is defined as information technology (IT) service management that is designed to meet the business demand for availability of critical IT and IT-enabled business services. HASM requires the use of the Six Sigma method and analytical tools applied to key service management processes and services; event and incident(More)
The microleakage allowed by three temporary restorative materials used for the sealing of teeth with both endodontic access and multisurface cavity preparations was measured and evaluated. Extracted human incisor, canine, and premolar teeth with extensive carious involvement were prepared and restored with either Cavit, IRM, or TERM. Microleakage was(More)