Bill Petersson

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BACKGROUND Hot flushes are common and distressing among men with castrational treatment for prostate cancer. Of the few treatments, most have side effects. OBJECTIVE Assess changes in hot flushes of electrostimulated (EA) and traditional acupuncture (TA). DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Thirty-one men with hot flushes due to prostate cancer treatment(More)
Most previous studies on the relationship between alcohol consumption and mortality from ischemic heart disease (IHD) have been conducted in countries with an alcohol consumption pattern different from that in Sweden (and other countries in the "Vodka Belt"), where irregular binge drinking of distilled spirits is common. Therefore, we carried out an(More)
Ten patients without metabolic disease undergoing elective cholecystectomy were studied before surgery and on days 3, 10, 20 and 30 after operation. Percutaneous muscle biopsies were taken and protein synthesis was determined from the total concentration and size distribution of ribosomes. The subjective feeling of fatigue was estimated using a visual(More)
In order to evaluate the long-term effect of total parenteral nutrition supplemented with glutamine after surgery, patients (n = 17) undergoing elective abdominal surgery were randomized into two groups and studied for 30 days after surgery. During the 3 days immediately after surgery, one group (n = 8) was given total parenteral nutrition including a(More)
Characteristic changes in the pattern of muscle free amino acids are seen on the third day after elective surgery. The time course of the restoration to normal levels in uncomplicated cases has not been established before. Seven metabolically healthy patients undergoing cholecystectomy were studied. Muscle biopsy specimens and plasma samples were taken(More)
A case of recurrent pulmonary embolism, secondary to thrombosis in an aneurysm of the popliteal vein is described. The source of embolism was not obvious clinically, and it was discovered only after venography. The anomaly was amenable to surgical intervention and the patient was cured from his source of embolism. We have found only one similar case in the(More)
The prevalence of patients with heart failure is increasing in the population. This study was designed to find out whether this depends on increased survival or an increased incidence in the hospital catchment area. The hospital register of discharge diagnoses was searched for the diagnosis heart failure between 1987 and 1994. The vital status of each(More)
1. The concentration of alkali-soluble protein, DNA and RNA in percutaneous muscle biopsy specimens was analysed. Tissue alkali-soluble protein/DNA ratio is a measure of muscle protein concentration, while tissue RNA/DNA ratio may reflect the capacity for protein synthesis. 2. Patients with weight loss due to cancer (n = 6) were compared with metabolically(More)
Seventeen patients undergoing elective open cholecystectomy were given conventional total parenteral nutrition either with (nine patients) or without (eight) glutamine supplementation of 20 g/day for 3 days after surgery and thereafter ordinary food for the following 27 days. Muscle protein synthesis, as assessed by the total concentration of ribosomes,(More)