Bill Pase

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This document presents an informal description of the language Verdi. Verdi is the interaction language of the EVES (Version 3.0) verication system and consists of components for describing mathematical theories, for general theorem proving, for specifying and implementing programs, for proving consistency between specication and implementation, and for(More)
This paper describes the development of a new tool for formally verifying software. The tool is called m-EVES and consists of a new language, called m-Verdi, for implementing and specifying software; a new logic, which has been proven sound; and a new theorem prover, called m-NEVER, which integrates many state-of-the-art techniques drawn from the theorem(More)
This paper provides a tutorial introduction to EVES. EVES is a formal methods tool consisting of a set theoretic-based language, called Verdi, and an automated deduction system, called NEVER. We provide a general introduction to EVES and demonstrate its capabilities using (i) some examples from set theory, (ii) a small critical application (a railroad(More)
This document reports on the work performed for the Canadian Department of National Defence under contract no. W2207-0-AF09/01-SV entitled \Investigation of Proof Techniques within the EVES Verication Technology". The purpose of this work was to research and experiment with various approaches for enhancing the capabilities of the theorem prover NEVER and,(More)