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R ich Lenski decided he was onto a good thing from his very first encounter with digital evolution. It all began when he used the technology in which artificial organisms in the form of computer code evolve independently by self-replicating, mutating, and competing to reexamine an earlier study with bacteria. The original study had contradicted 'some(More)
M artin Reese proved that he was more than a fl y on the wall in the Drosophila Genome Center at the University of California at Berkeley when, as a young PhD student, he encouraged colleagues to approach their work in an entirely new way. The goal was to develop effi cient computational tools to predict individual genes from the masses of genetic code(More)
A group of chief executives of long-term care homes formed an alliance in order to tap the resources residing within their management teams. Adopting a strategic implementation project based on a framework of accountability, the executives were able to better understand the uncertainties of the environment and potentially structure their strategic(More)
S cience looks set for a fundamentalist revival within the European Union. Its leading proponents are taking advantage of unprecedented political upheaval—as ten new Member States accede to the Union—to press their case for funding of basic research that is driven solely and independently by investigators themselves in the pursuit of excellence. The broad(More)
T he pathologist makes do with red wine until an effective drug is available, the biochemist discards the bread from her sandwiches, and the mathematician indulges in designer chocolate with a clear conscience. The demographer sticks to vitamin supplements, and while the evolutionary biologist calculates the compensations of celibacy, the population(More)
RATIONALE Studies conducted on hospice volunteers' characteristics and experiences have been cross-sectional. We conducted a prospective study to examine changes in the volunteer experience over time in a cohort of volunteers during the first year of a new residential hospice. METHOD Eighty-two active volunteers completed an online baseline survey, and of(More)
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