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Wireless systems are a part of our personal lives. Why are the benefits of wireless not yet realized in our working lives? Is it because the benefits of doing away with wires are somehow less compelling in industrial applications than in our homes? No, if anything, the benefits are more compelling in industrial applications. I believe it is because(More)
Several modifications have been made to a post-column labeling system for use with capillary zone electrophoresis. Fluorescence excitation is now performed with a helium-cadmium laser rather than an arc lamp. The focusability of the laser beam allows the use of larger diameter capillaries in the post-column reactor without the excessive band broadening(More)
Capillary zone electrophoresis and open tubular liquid chromatography are two examples of an emerging area of analytical instrumentation known as microcolumn separations. The high resolution and small sample requirements of these methods make them suitable for the quantitative, multicomponent chemical analysis of single cells. Appropriate instrumentation(More)
The application of the intelligent monitoring techniques of case-based reasoning and neural network analysis to physician decision making concerning patient care in an Intensive Car Unit (ICU) is described. Case-based reasoning offers a model for quickly matching--using a predetermined hierarchical structure--a single patient's parameters (text or numeric)(More)
We have analyzed different methods of internal fixation of simple displaced fractures of the zygoma in an attempt to define the simplest method(s) of achieving postreduction stability. Twenty-five combinations of interfragmentary wiring and miniplate and screw fixation of fractured zygomas on human skulls were compared for postreduction rotational stability(More)
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