Bill McInturff

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OBJECTIVE To investigate financial capacity in patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) using a new theoretical model and prototype psychometric instrument. DESIGN Cross-sectional comparisons of older control subjects (n=23) and patients with mild (n=30) and moderate AD (n=20). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Financial capacity was measured using the Financial(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the agreement of physician judgments of capacity to consent to treatment for normal and demented older adults. DESIGN Subjects were individually administered a standardized consent capacity interview. Physicians viewed videotapes of these interviews and made judgments of capacity to consent to treatment. SETTING University(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify cognitive measures that predict consent capacity of normal and demented older adults as judged by experienced physicians. This study is a companion to the physician competency judgment research reported in this issue. DESIGN Predictor models for competency judgments of individual physicians were developed using independent patient(More)
Neurotensin (NT) has been postulated to act as a modulatory agent in the central nervous system. Besides its presence in mammalian brain, NT is produced by small cell carcinoma of the lung (SCLC) and cell lines derived from these tumors. Receptors have also been characterized in some SCLC cell lines leading to the suggestion that NT could regulate the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate qualitative behavioral changes associated with declining medical decision-making capacity (competency) in patients with AD. BACKGROUND Qualitative measures can yield clinical information about functional changes in neurologic disease not available through quantitative measures. METHODS Normal older controls (n = 21) and patients(More)
The primary objective of this paper is to describe the impact of national seat belt enforcement mobilizations in terms of changes in public awareness, perceptions, and opinions as they relate to Operation ABC (Always Buckle Up). In order to monitor changes in public awareness and perceptions, a number of national telephone surveys were conducted. Survey(More)
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